Rohil Aniruth Writing Samples

Rohil Aniruth is a New York-based writer on the intersection of technology, entertainment, identity and social interaction. Originally from South Africa, Rohil currently is completing a bachelor's degree at the Parson's School of Design.

Available for freelance 

Published work:



"The Gamification of Intimacy Through Dating Sims" - Tech Journalism


The Huffington Post / Outspeak 

"Culturally Themed Parties -- Here's How You Do Them Right." - Social Commentary / Identity

"Hollywood Needs More Brown Superheroes" - Social Commentary / Identity / Diversity / Entertainment 

"How Yethu Creates Safer Stokvels In South Africa" - Tech Journalism  

"The 5 Sexiest Things Found In The Bedroom" - Social Commentary / Sex & Dating / Consent

"The Art School Survival Guide" - Student / Lifestyle 

"Keeping A Clear Mindset During School" - Student / Lifestyle  

"How To Skip School, Go To Vegas and Get Straight A's" - Personal Essay / Travel / Student / Lifestyle

"DVG Talks About His First Break And The Future Of Music" - Interview / Music Journalism

"Brown Entertainers Are Having A Moment and It’s F*cking Awesome" - Diversity / Entertainment 


Elite Daily

"8 Lessons I’ve Learned From The 8 Incredible Women I’ve Fallen For" - ComedySex & Dating

"7 Things I Absolutely Love About My Friends With Benefits Situation" - ComedySex & Dating

"Here's Exactly How You Can Avoid The Friend Zone - For Good" - ComedySex & Dating



"10 Reasons It Would SUCK to Live in The World of Pokemon" - Comedy / Video Games 

"The 6 Passengers You'll Have to Deal with When You Drive" - Comedy / Observational / Social Commentary 



"Hey, Straight Guys: It’s OK To Admit That Other Men Are Attractive" - ComedySex & Dating / Identity 


Additional HuffPost 

"Why Pokemon Go Is The Best Dating App" - Comedy / Topical 

"5 Things We Can Learn From South Africa’s Olympic Swimmer Calvyn Justus" - Spotlight 

"I Made A Film About Diversity Because Nobody Else Would" - Identity / Diversity / Entertainment 

"7 Reasons Kanye West Deserves To Be President" - Comedy / Topical / Political Satire