Rohil Aniruth is a South African writer, filmmaker & designer specializing in digital work. 

He's produced comedic pieces for The Huffington Post's Outspeak, Elite Daily, CollegeHumor & Jumpcut Studios. 

Rohil is currently focused on narrative-driven work, in particular, building rich worlds and characters that are able to exist through a variety of mediums -- within a similar realm to Star Wars, or at a slightly smaller scale, Rick And Morty.

Rohil is interested in the process of adaptation, specifically, how to more effectively translate a property from one medium to another.  

Rohil practices writing characters without rigid race or gender specifications -- wanting to remain open to a wider range of casting options. He is passionate about having unique and diverse faces on screen and more prominent in the mainstream. A strong example of this can be seen in his upcoming film Nondescript.


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