Film & Video Work


Rohil Aniruth Audio Visual Reel.

Full versions of the work found in this reel can be seen below.


The 5 Sexy "C's" - Comedy short produced for The Huffington Post & BroadbandTV's Outspeak. 

Frustrated with the manipulative, click bait articles about sex, a young writer sets out to create his own list. Today we learn about the "5 Sexy C's" , the 5 things you really need in the bedroom if you want a successful sex life.


Sleepless | Higher X FRNGE - Art film produced for South African music producer FRNGE.

An art film about a daydreamer's thoughts, made in collaboration with music producer, FRNGE & New York Based artist, Justin Brandon Kinard. 


Young People Making Cool Shit - An editorial style interview produced for Santangelo Williams of Gnatas.

Rohil talks to Santangelo about his most recent album 'A Jaded Attempt At Something Iconic.'

Working on a format for minimalist talk show in New York, talking to and spending time with some of the city's young emerging artists. I came up with an idea for a web-based show called Young People Making Cool Shit.


"Need" - A music video produced for electronic band, Orienta

This music video deals with the theme of intimacy and how we are often quick to disembody/isolate certain aspects of the people we feel a strong attraction to. 


"Antoine" - A music video produced for music producer Conor Behrens.

A very trippy, glitchy music video. Inspired by early 2000s video game nostalgia and the anime series, 'Paranoia Agent'.


Internet Famous - A documentary about YouTube culture in 2013. 

A short documentary film that discusses the various aspects of the YouTube culture featuring Dan Bull, Jaclyn Glenn & Joey Gatto.