Not Alwrite: Video Essays & Reviews


Not Alwrite is series of video essays and reviews. I created this series to share my thoughts concisely about the work I've been consuming, in a fun way. I believe it gets me to think more critically about my own work - and what I want to make. I also really enjoy the work of Vice, Waypoint, IGN, MIC and would love to work with them. This seemed a good step in creating similar content.


Controversy Aside: Is Netflix's 'Dear White People' A GOOD Show?

In this episode of Not Alwrite we look at Netflix's Dear White People. We give our review. Discuss the show's writing, subject matter, cinematography, and craft. 

Dear White People is written by Justin Simien and stars Brandon P Bell, DeRon Horton, Logan Browning and Marque Richardson.

Swiss Army Man Explained: Symbolisms & Meaning

I thought it would be fun to dive into Swiss Army Man - seeing that there's so many great things to talk about in the film. Here's my interpretation of it all, what do you think?