Sick Tub Show: Variety Talk Show


Sick Tub Show is a very low-budget, wild show about three friends trying to host a talk show in a bath tub. This is a scripted sitcom-talk show hybrid. Just watch an episode and you'll get it.  


Sick Tub Show S1E1 - Wasting The Budget On Nachos

In our pilot episode, Jose wastes our budget on nachos and we review the show VICELAND's American Boyband & the game Friday The 13th. 

Sick Tub Show S1E2 - Wasting The Budget On ViVi's

In the second episode, Rohil grows increasingly tired of Jose wasting their production budget. The group meets an aspiring rapper, Tony Machine. We also review The Big Sick! 

Sick Tub Show S1E3 - Wasting The Budget On Tacos

In this episode of Sick Tub Show, Jose wastes the production budget on tacos. James and Jose confront Rohil about his pattern of abandoning them at parties. Rohil becomes obsessive about making the show advertiser-friendly.