Jumpcut Studios / Remote Copywriter

  • Write humorous, informative and concise copy to accompany Jumpcut Studio's internal and external facing properties.

  • Write copy for the widely successful Simple 30 and Project GO packages.

  • Capturing the brand's voice and innovating means of communicating with their specific audience or demographic.

  • Pitch ideas for articles/pieces to write centered around dating and lifestyle topics.

  • Make edits and revisions to copy.

  • Occasionally create graphics, cartoons or illustrations to accompany copy.


Published work:

The Huffington Post

"The 5 Sexiest Things Found In The Bedroom"

"Why Pokemon Go Is The Best Dating App"

"5 Things We Can Learn From South Africa’s Olympic Swimmer Calvyn Justus"

"Hollywood Needs More Brown Superheroes"

"How To Skip School, Go To Vegas and Get Straight A's"

"How Yethu Creates Safer Stokvels In South Africa"

"DVG Talks About His First Break And The Future Of Music"

"I Made A Film About Diversity Because Nobody Else Would"

"Brown Entertainers Are Having A Moment and It’s F*cking Awesome"

"7 Reasons Kanye West Deserves To Be President"

Elite Daily

"8 Lessons I’ve Learned From The 8 Incredible Women I’ve Fallen For"

"7 Things I Absolutely Love About My Friends With Benefits Situation"

"Here's Exactly How You Can Avoid The Friend Zone - For Good"


"10 Reasons It Would SUCK to Live in The World of Pokemon"

"The 6 Passengers You'll Have to Deal with When You Drive"


"Hey, Straight Guys: It’s OK To Admit That Other Men Are Attractive"


Screenplays (email us for the pdfs)

"How To Make It In South Africa", Sitcom, 5 Episodes (2014)

"Self-Love", Short Film (2016)

"Nondescript", Short Film (2017)

"A Day With Melanie", Short Film (2017)

"Bad Pitches", Pilot (2017)

"Danni Saves Erlich", Feature (2017)


Other writing:

The Huffington Post (Contributor platform)

"Rohil Aniruth Talks With Pierre Marais: Being A South African Actor In The USA"

"Rohil’s Concert Adventures: Vince Staples & Kilo Kish"

"Rohil Talks With Santangelo Williams: ‘A Jaded Attempt At Something Iconic’"

"Rohil Talks With Prev Reddy: His NEW Special “CAN’T I JUST B.E.E”"

"Rohil Talks With Joey Gatto: His New Music, From YouTube To Comp Science"

"Rohil Talks With Brown Kids Humour: Clickbaiting, Masturbating & Exposing YouTubers"

CollegeHumor (Older work)

"The 9 Mistakes You'll Make When You Start a Band"

"10 Reasons Dogs are Better Than People"